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The Grocery is a project-oriented creative space owned and operated by Demi Raven and Janet Galore in North Beacon Hill, Seattle. We are currently renovating the building, and will have studio space, a residency, and project-based exhibitions in the future.

While the building is being renovated, we host occasional pop-up art exhibitions and sales, film screenings, and other creative activities in the main studio space. If you are interested in doing an art event at The Grocery, please contact us on our Facebook page, or via our contact page.

The building was built in 1929, owned by Sam and Mary Ulovitch, who ran a grocery store there until 1943. In 1955, the store was listed as Three Thousand and One Grocery. Masaru Nomura purchased the building in November of 1956, and from 1961 through 1965, the building was known as Fred’s Grocery. The building has also served as a restaurant supply, and an outreach ministry from 1998-2005. The building is listed in the City of Seattle historic sites.