July 31, 2021 Wikipedia edit-a-thon with Wa Na Wari and The Black Lunch Table.

We’re honored to be a sponsor, with Wa Na Wari of an online how-to and Wikipedia editing session hosted by The Black Lunch Table! This is a great opportunity to improve the visibility of Black artists in the PNW by writing and editing Wikipedia articles.


The Grocery is a private art studio, and does not have regular hours or events. We do host occasional pop-up art sales, happenings, workshops, lectures, films, short-term exhibitions, and performances.

In August 2018 we closed for renovations and expect to open later in 2021. We have been renovating the whole lower level of the building. Once we open again, we will have space for a modest artist residency and pop-up art exhibitions, as well as two street-facing gallery windows to show a rotating selection of small artworks. We are not yet sure how we will adjust use of the space in the post-COVID world.

See past events on our events calendar.

Or, check our Facebook events page.

Past events include:

More Serenades for Science, July 27, 2018
With Gods of Silicon, Meghan Elizabeth Trainor, and Oh, Boy (Kendal Tull-Esterbrook)

The Machine to Be Another VR Experience, July 23 and 24, 2018
July 23 was a private workshop with the Be Another Lab and local artists to create the first embodied narrative in the Silicon Forest.
July 24 was a public event for over 22 individuals to experience The Machine To Be Another.

The Kidney’s Alright: An Evening to Benefit José Amador, June 29 2018

{Machines of becoming} : mechatronic art and performance, June 2-3 2018

Christian French Estate Sale Episode II: The Big One, May 26-27, 2018

Nat Evans: Flyover Country, May 19-20, 2018

Rell Be Free: The HomeGrown Tour, with DJ Pax and Guayaba, May 12 2018

The Academy of Reason & Wonder Inquiry No. 4: Exploring Other Minds, May 6 2018
With Adrienne Fairhall, Doug Wacker, Andrea Bilotta, Jeremy Newton

Creative Commons Film Night curated by Omar Willey, April 28 2018
Presented by The Seattle Star and Puget Sound Cinema Society

The Academy of Reason & Wonder Inquiry No. 3: CATS vs. DOGS, April 21 2018
With Zack Davisson and Ivan Schnieder

Kristina Dillard’s Work in Progress: The Literary Dances, March 25 and 26, 2018

The Academy of Reason & Wonder Inquiry No. 2: Story : History : Herstory, Mar 4 2018
With Tessa Hulls and Johan Liedgren

The Academy of Reason & Wonder Inquiry No. 1: Life Without Us, February 11 2018
With Kirsten Anderson and Jed Dunkerley

Petra Zanki: Ephemerals, November 11-12 2017

Christian French: Awaken the Dead to the Dreams of the Living, November 4-5 2017

Not Séance, Science: Uncovering the spirits of the living, October 28 2017
An evening of improvised jazz music and visuals appropriate to the season. Underworld Alchemy is Sarah Manning – alto saxophone, Briggan Krauss – electric guitar, Dylan van der Schyff – drums
Live visuals by Janet Galore.
Clack, rap, knock of the drums. They are here.
Rumble, shudder, guitar. They will speak. 
Wail, mutter, saxophone. See the invisible. Hear the inaudible.
Improvised music conjuring wave functions on the continuum.
When the quantum waves collapse around you, who will you be?

Degenerate Art Ensemble and Mizu Desierto, September 23-24 2017
Mizu Desierto presents Matriarch, a dance and film meditation on death and dying, forgotten and future lineages, the andro-gene and bees. Sometimes only through the loss of the matriarch, can we realize that we must become our own queen.
Degenerate Art Ensemble presents Diphylleia Grayi (Skeleton Flower), a fantastical, semi-autobiographical exploration of a creative person’s struggle with depression, identity and and the awakening of feminine power where healing and transformation are fueled by the secret medicine of fairy tales. The work is an immersive stage performance weaving together live music and song, visceral solo dance and storytelling ritual. Haruko Crow Nishimura and Joshua Kohl performed the live music, dance and song elements in this rare, raw and intimate performance setting.

DAE dress rehearsal

Studies Show: Reality is Mutable, September 8-10, 16-17, 2017
A projection-mapped installation and a cinematic virtual reality experience by artist/software developer Jacob Fennell, combining spherical video and a multi-path science fiction story. Shot entirely in Seattle using a custom camera developed by Fennell, goggle-wearing participants become the main character in an experience where they are zapped into a strange but familiar world, where they have their fortune told in Volunteer Park, tour a spiritually possessed Georgetown Steam Plant, float through the arboretum in a kayak, and more.installation view of Reality is Mutable exhibition

Seattle Code Camp: Games and Robots, July 31-August 4 2017
A week-long, day camp for youth 8-11, a mash-up of programming digital games and robots. Students practice computer programming with MIT’s Scratch and Wonder Workshop Robots. Conducted by TechVenture and hosted by The Grocery.
Image may contain: one or more people

Seattle Code Camp: A Minecraft Mash-Up, July 14 -21 2017
A week-long, day camp for youth 8-11 to learn how to program Mods and build electronics in a Minecraft world. Conducted by TechVenture and hosted by The Grocery.

Serenades for Science, May 20 2017
An evening of music and short film in appreciation of science. A refreshing tonic for times when the truth is surprisingly fragile. With Gods of Silicon (Jed Dunkerley and Jason Puccinelli), Oh, Boy (Kendal Tull-Esterbrook), and short films by Tim Marsden, Kim Collmer, and Janet Galore.

Student of the Radio, March 10 2017
An evening of popular music covers, as interpreted by Lori Goldston & Chris Brokaw, and The Murkies (Kyle Hanson) with Angelina Baldoz. Projected visuals by Janet Galore.
Young wistful girl listening to a vintage transistor radio

Art Estate Sale: From the Collection of Arthur S. Aubry, January 15 2017
A one-day art exhibition and sale of artworks collected by noted photographer and friend, Arthur S. Aubry. Hosted by Gloria DeArcangelis, the exhibition nearly sold out within an hour–a testament to Arthur’s great eye and the love of the community for him and the artists he collected.
Panorama of installation view, Arthur S Aubry Art Estate Sale at The Grocery

Underworld Alchemy, December 23 2016
A jazz performance with Sarah Manning, Briggan Krauss, Geoff Harper, and Dave Abramson. Hear sample sounds:

The evening concluded by hermetically sealing the experience into glass vials to capture the moment.

“HELLO FROM EARTH” Photographs by Elliot Liedgren, August 13-14 2016hello-from-earth-photo

Ruby Lindsay: New Works, March 26 2016

Vintage and Artist-Made Tiles by Laura Brodax:  January 30-31 2016