Holiday Pop-Up Sale! Fresh Mochi x The Grocery Studios

Fresh Mochi and The Grocery Studios once again welcome you to a combined holiday pop-up sale! Featuring handmade and handcrafted art, jewelry, wearables, baked goods, plants, cards, papercrafts, ceramics, decor, and more!  

Two days only:
Saturday Dec 9, 6-9pm
Sunday Dec 10, 2-5pm

At Fresh Mochi – 2900 21st Ave S
And across the street at The Grocery – 3001 21st Ave S

A festive and creative atmosphere with music, refreshments, and treasures awaits you. All proceeds go to the artists and sellers — support your local creative ecosystem!

Artists and sellers include:

@ Fresh Mochi

Elizabeth Jameson – Mini figures
Jeff Miller – Ceramic cups
kRi kRi Studios (Sunday Only) – Ceramic vases, bowls and more
Lauren Grossman – Candles and jewels
Marlow Harris – Fancy cookies
Stephen DeWilliam – Vintage jewelry, hats, tiki and more
Sonja Peterson  – Ceramic creatures
Suzi Jankovic – Jewelry and holiday decorations
Tracey Fugami – Meditation bowls , mini journals

@ The Grocery Studios: 

alexa villanueva/lexa luna studio – Ceramics, tarot decks, calendars
Day Moon Press – Letterpress-printed goods and handmade book arts
Debora Spencer – Paintings of powerful women
Golden Repair/Luz Bratcher – gift wrap lab
janet galore – Cards, mugs, t-shirts, flip books, mini-terrariums, surprises
Jil Smith/Insatiable Studios – Handmade lampshades and lamps
Laura Brodax/Modern Glaze – Ceramics: vases, tumblers, plates, bowls
Mandy Greer/Mandy Greer Studio – Luscious elevated pom poms & weavings
plantbaby – Plants from Plant.Root.Love, Bird Berry Nursery, planters from @AmyKastelin ceramics
Spill The Tee – Screen printed and reverse dye shirts, glassware, and more
Stefan Gruber – Shirts, zines, stickers, comics and pottery
xerxes irani – Pottery that warms the heart

About the artists

alexa villanueva – lexa luna studio (Sunday only)
Handmade ceramics, The Future Ancestor Tarot Deck and Companion Book, original 2024 Illustrated Moon Calendar ✨
@lexalunastudio on IG

lexa luna studio is a workshop that offers handmade ceramics and tools to accompany you and your daily rituals: from grounding mugs to illustrated tarot decks and calendars. Created by Filipina-American artist and mother, Alexa Villanueva, this studio strives to bring gentle magic to the home and serve in your journeys of self reflection and healing.

Day Moon Press
Letterpress-printed goods and handmade book arts

Day Moon Press is a family owned and operated letterpress print shop, working as both custom and retail printers in Seattle for over 40 years. Founded by Maura Shapley, and now continued by her daughter Tess, in the retail arm we work primarily with antique handset type, cuts, and hand-carved wood and linoleum blocks. We make cards, broadsides, hand-bound journals, illustrative prints, and small books set letter by letter in lead type, putting old techniques and materials to new purpose.

Debora Spencer
Paintings of powerful women

Debora is a painter, muralist, pro photographer, and all-around exuberant maker of beauty. 

Golden Repair
Gift Wrap Lab – a unique and hands-on experience for individuals who want to add a special touch to their gift-giving. Say goodbye to generic wrapping paper and embrace the joy of creating your own hand painted paper with our mobile printmaking station.

Golden Repair is led by Luz Bratcher. After nearly two decades of experience in the user experience design industry, Luz discovered she was less interested in making things and wanted to make spaces for people to explore art mediums while learning about their creative souls. In this post-pandemic season where it’s easy to move too fast and alone, reorienting can feel simply monumental. Art invites us to slow down and get curious as a way to process, heal, and integrate our experiences.

Laura BrodaxModern Glaze
Transferware ceramics; vases, tumblers, soap dishes, souvenir series large plates, small plates and tiny bowls

Laura Brodax is a ceramic artist and photographer. She combines original photography, drawings and found patterns to customize stories on tile murals and porcelain wares. Inspired by antique Asian and English pottery, urban ephemera and nature’s sensitive chaos, she brings these ideas forward through transferring underglaze onto clay. Commissioned tile murals can be found in many locations in the Puget Sound Region. She operates the storefront studio and gallery Modern Glaze, located in the long fade between Greenwood and Shoreline.

Mandy Greer – Mandy Greer Studio
Luscious elevated pom poms and weavings

Mandy has been making lush, immersive fiber installations for more than two decades. Mandy Greer Studio is her project to bring her sensibilities to the smaller immersive installation we all are making all the time — our homes. Our homes create a kind of sigil of who we are, and how we see ourselves, and our histories. Each MGS piece has its own story. But all are part of her process of seeking to get to the mythical energy of place — whether it is the layers of action and unspoken stories of graffiti walls in the city, or the deep seductive mystery of our gloomy mossy forests in the PNW, or the narratives of texture from wherever she travels.

Spill The Tee
Handcrafted shirts, glassware, and more

Spill The Tee, a Seattle based small business that celebrates diversity and inclusivity in our collections. Specializing in screen printing and reverse dyeing apparel, Cristina Buenaventura crafts unique and trendy designs that reflect their Filipino/mixed heritage. Alongside apparel, they also design glassware, rainbow catchers, greeting cards, and more! 

Featuring two Seattle plant growers, Plant.Root.Love (from Ravenna) and Bird Berry Nursery (from Beacon Hill). In addition, we’ll have incredible artist made ceramic planters from @AmyKastelin ceramics (from Ballard).

plantbaby is a Seattle-based, sustainable plant marketplace with a mission to unlock the plant diversity in our communities by working with local growers to market their plants online with the option for delivery in the Seattle area with the care your plants deserve.

Jil Smith Insatiable Studios
Handmade lampshades and lamps

Jil Smith has been making handmade and bespoke lampshades and lighting fixtures for 30 years. Her work can be seen at the Seattle Art Museum shop. She maintains a showroom at her Greenlake workshop and sees people by appointment. Jil has a long and lovely partnership with Kristin Nelson of KriKri who makes lamp bases as well as tableware ceramics. Their collaboration has produced a series of smaller lamps perfect for gift giving this holiday season. 

Stefan Gruber
Stefan Gruber (they/them) is making shirts, zines, stickers, comics and pottery all based on their animation cast of characters that’ll also be there for sharing!

Stefan is an experimental animator and performance artist who creates hand-drawn, digitally finished experimental animation shorts. They are animation department founder and teacher at The Nova Animation Project and the founder of Seattle Experimental Animation Team (SEAT).

xerxes irani
Pottery that isn’t very holiday themed, but stuff that really warms the heart

Xerxes makes things because he has to. He doesn’t really choose what he makes, it just kind of spins out of the wheel through his hands in the form of clay. Minimal is the general approach to the forms in his work with a sprinkle of mark making and typography to adorn those forms. He works a tech job during the day, lives on Bainbridge Island and is also writing this in third person so it sounds like someone wrote it for him.

janet galore
Cards, mugs, t-shirts, flip books, mini-terrariums, and surprises

janet galore is an artist and designer based on Beacon Hill, Seattle. They co-direct The Grocery Studios with their partner, demi raven, and their chihuahua, Ernesto, who sometimes art directs photo shoots.

Story & Song: an evening with Gods of Silicon and The Witness

The Grocery Studios presents an evening of music infused with storytelling. The Witness will make your heart swell and burst with their robust, joyous soul sound, while Gods of SIlicon will bend your brain into strange shapes thinking about our complex relationship with technology and the coming digital evolution. Please join us for these two entertaining, audience-connecting acts covering the past, the present, and the future of the human condition.

Friday, Nov 10 2023
Times: Doors at 7, show at 7:30
Tickets are sliding scale, $5 – $30
Get tickets here: https://story-and-song-at-the-grocery.eventbrite.com

Gods of Silicon

The Gods of Silicon use music to foretell a host of potential futures whispered to them from the digital oracles at the edge of this pocket of the multiverse. Whereas the eventual holy books of the robots will tell of magical creators made of carbon who breathed life into their binary code, Jason Puccinelli (guitar) and Jed Dunkerley (drums) sing their imagined harmonic hymns, presaged warnings, and bossanova lullabies.

The Witness

For over ten years The Witness has been playing the sweet sounds of soul. A tribute to some of the greatest American music ever written. Come hear tales of wonder and woe that The Witness is joyfully burdened to share.

The Witness is: Zeke Keeble, Alex Mortland, Jeremy Lightfoot, Kaleb Kerr


Tetsuo: The Iron Man screening with live musical score by Metal Men and Bill Horist

Still from Tetsuo: The Iron Man, directed by Shinya Tsukamoto

Join us on Sunday, October 29, 2023 at 6:00pm for an electrifying event – Tetsuo: The Iron Man with a live musical score by Metal Men!

Prepare to be immersed in a unique audiovisual experience as Shinya Tsukamoto’s cult classic Japanese cyberpunk horror film, Tetsuo: The Iron Man, unfolds on the big screen.

Warning: this film has disturbing violence, gore, and sex. Please read about it first if you have not seen it.

Accompanying the intense visuals, renowned Seattle industrial band Metal Men (John Hawkley and Eric Muhs), with special guest Bill Horist, will perform a live musical score.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event that brings together the dark and surreal world of Tetsuo with the raw energy of Metal Men’s music.

Tickets are sliding scale, $5 – $30
All proceeds go to the performers
Tickets: https://tetsuo-at-the-grocery.eventbrite.com

Popcorn and beverages will be available.
Doors at 6:00pm, show begins at 6:30.

About Tetsuo: The Iron Man


TETSUO: THE IRON MAN is filmmaker Shinya Tsukamoto’s unhinged hot take on humankind’s ongoing battle with technology; literally, as a man mutates into a walking, clanking man-machine that terrorizes himself and everyone around him. Warping elements of early Cronenberg, Lynch, and Raimi into a deliriously-paced cyberpunk cocktail, TETSUO is a body horror manifesto that’s fueled by techno-erotic adrenaline and wrought iron perversion.

Licensed for this screening via AGFA.

About the performers

Metal Men

METAL MEN is a 30-year long sound & performance collaboration between percussionist / metal sculptor John Hawkley and physics teacher / electronic musician Eric Muhs. METAL MEN deploy motors, car parts, springs, magnets, oil cans, spikes, grinders, sending noise into electronics in search of sonic mayhem and beauty.

METAL MEN on YouTube

METAL MEN on SoundCloud
Instruments Are A Crutch https://on.soundcloud.com/W6Ltn
Metal Brick Road https://on.soundcloud.com/Ciou9

About Bill Horist

Guitarist Bill Horist has been making music in Seattle and beyond for nearly twenty-five years. He has appeared on more than seventy records and has performed throughout North and Central America, Europe and Japan. Bill’s varied approach to guitar has accorded him work in many genres such as rock, pop, jazz, folk and experimental music. In 2013 alone Bill headlined the Nicaragua International Jazz Festival, was invited to perform on Season Eight of America’s Got Talent and wrote and performed a score for M-Body modern dance company in Calgary, Canada.

ACTION: a joint exhibition with Fresh Mochi

Please join us for the opening of ACTION
Saturday September 30, 6 – 9:00pm
Art, refreshments, music, and more to get things rolling for the fall season!

ACTION is a joint exhibition between Fresh Mochi and WUG at The Grocery Studios featuring:

Janelle Abbott
Janet Galore
Gene Gentry McMahon
Steven LaRose
Demi Shaft Raven
Barbara Robertson

The Walk Up Gallery (WUG) windows at The Grocery Studios will be showing an animation collaboration by Gene Gentry McMahon x Barbara Robertson.

ACTION runs September 30 – October 28, 2023

There will also be a closing event on Saturday, October 28.

Lit: where there’s smoke there’s fire

Join the Williams Project for an interactive event at The Grocery Studios. We invite you to engage in an evening giving voice to banned texts.

Saturday August 19, 2023
6:00 – 9:00pm

During the first half of the 2022-23 school year PEN America’s Index of School Book Bans lists 1,477 instances of individual books banned, affecting 874 unique titles, an increase of 28 percent compared to the prior six months, January – June 2022. We are witnessing a dangerous time in censorship.

Do you have a favorite piece of literature that was or is currently banned? Join us for an evening of community where we will sip, savor some bites and breathe life into some forbidden texts.

The WIlliams Project will have some pieces on site for folks to engage with but we encourage you to bring what speaks to you as an offering for the evening.

RSVP to get your free spot: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lit-where-theres-smoke-theres-fire-tickets-679429390597

In Preparation: To The North Pole and Back

In Preparation: To The North Pole and Back
Iole Alessandrini

On view in the WUG windows
July 22 – August 19 2023

Opening reception: Saturday July 22, 6-9:00pm
Additional installation viewing and Ioleogram portraits: Aug 5 3-6:00 pm.

At The Grocery Studios, 3001 21st Ave S, Seattle 98144

Ioleogram, from Endless Spaces a Laser Plane installation at Palazzo Della Penna Museum, Perugia Italy, as part of the Migrazione-Migration project, 2022.
Photo: Iole Alessandrini and Arturo Carniti

Iole Alessandrini is an Italian-American artist known for her large-scale public art and groundbreaking work in Laser Plane Photography she calls Ioleography: “Iole” + “photography” – “holography”. The Grocery is proud to show a selection of Ioleograms at the WUG.

The artist will be in attendance on July 22 and August 5. A Laser Plane installation in the studio provides you with the opportunity to have your Ioleogram portrait taken, and purchase a 4”x6” print to help support Iole’s upcoming residency at the North Pole. Ioleogram images of previous exhibitions will be on view in the WUG windows and inside the studio.

O Liberty Eden

O Liberty Eden
Paintings and installation by Curtis Taylor

Writer and producer Curtis Taylor shows installations and a suite of paintings that are serial musings on the industrial logging history of our fair time and place in the Pacific Northwest.

One weekend only: 
Sat July 15 4:00 – 8:00pm
Sun July 16 12:00 – 5:00pm

at The Grocery Studios, on North Beacon Hill
3001 21st Ave S, Seattle 98144

Please join us! The artist will be in attendance. 

Street parking is limited: consider public transit or a ride share. The Studios are a 7-minute walk from the Beacon Ave bus lines and Beacon Hill light rail station. 

“Spar Siding” by Curtis Taylor

Very special thanks to Henry Vigil and Kathryn Ramijian.

COLOR: Video works by Barbara Robertson

As part of COLOR, a joint exhibition with our sister gallery, Fresh Mochi, we’re pleased to exhibit video works by Seattle-based artist Barbara Robertson in our Walk Up Gallery (WUG) windows April 1 – 30, 2023.

Join us for an opening reception for COLORSaturday, April 1st, 5-8:00pm at The Grocery Studios and at Fresh Mochi across the street. View Barbara’s installation in the windows at WUG, come inside to meet the artist, and hear a live DJ set with upbeat electronic and house by Randy Jones (Instagram, Twitch). Beverages and snacks provided! Then head over to Fresh Mochi for the opening party for COLOR!

Artist Talk: Sunday April 16, 4-6:00pm Please join us for an informal artist talk, cake and tea at Fresh Mochi, 2900 21st Ave S, across the street from The Grocery Studios.

About the installation

The two windows of WUG will feature Barbara Robertson’s animated videos, “Plywood Graffiti” and “Flip.” 

Each video is a three minute loop, composed of drawings, collages and photographs created  by the artist. They were inspired by her response to living in a rapidly changing urban environment and her hopes for a more humane space to nurture our community.

About the artist

Barbara Robertson is primarily known for her work in experimental printmaking and animation.  Recently she has expanded her work to include abstract painting. Her ongoing series of paintings explores ideas about structure and environment in a time of accelerating urban change.  She has received awards for her work from 4Culture, the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, KALA Art Institute and the received the Neddy Award from Behnke Foundation. She is the founder and past president of Seattle Print Arts and works for the conservation department at the Seattle Art Museum.

COLOR at Fresh Mochi artist lineup

Mugi Takei

Alithea O’Dell

Mark Sullo

Lisa Buchanan

Paul Komada

Sonja Peterson

Celebrating Art, Life and Culture: an evening with Jaiden Grayson

Please join us at The Grocery Studios for an evening dedicated to the celebration of art, life and culture, hosted by visual and performing artist Jaiden Grayson.

Saturday, January 28, 6:00-9:00pm
3001 21st Ave S, Seattle 98144, on Beacon Hill in Seattle

Tickets required for entry – sliding scale $5-$25 at Eventbrite.

The evening will feature visual art, words, and music by Jaiden. Original paintings will be available for purchase; hors d’oeuvres and beverages provided. See and hear Jaiden’s art on instagram.

COVID protocols:

  • Masks & sanitizer will be provided & are strongly encouraged.
  • Please take a COVID test within 24 hours of attendance

About the artist’s work

Large, bold, distorted faces look back at the viewer. This may create some sense of discomfort after a while, which is the purpose of Jaiden’s work. The sensation of being watched—intentional, art-integrated commentary on everyday societal pressure. The themes presented in Jaiden’s art are executed through repetition, abstraction, and bold colorways. Influenced by their experience as a Black person growing up in a complex political climate, always feeling as though they are on the fringes of society looking in, but never fully included. Some of Jaiden’s work speaks to how it feels to be watched, others on how it feels to watch the world. The collections are celebratory, existing whether they are appreciated by society or not, referencing Jaiden’s own lived experience.

About the artist

Jaiden Grayson is an old soul with young faith in humanity. Through their art, Jaiden reaches into core memories of generational truths to unpack and redefine perceptions around Black culture. Jaiden’s art is a statement to their multifaceted truth as a queer, non binary Black person and mother. In addition to their painting, Jaiden’s debut EP releases spring of 2023, following their 2022 single ‘MaMa’ which created controversy for its strong lyricism and unapologetic tone. In Jaiden Grayson’s art, you get a timeless experience and are initiated into their world of constant development. Safe to say, this artist is on the rise and we have yet to experience all the layers, talent, and vision of Jaiden Grayson.

Monyee Chau and Tu’er Shen: a lunar new year installation opening reception with Guma’ Gela’

Installation on view Saturday January 21 – Sunday February 26, 2023
In the windows of The Grocery Studios (Walk Up Gallery).

Opening reception: Sat January 21, 4-6PM, eve of the Lunar New Year
View the installation in the windows; meet the artist. Beverages and snacks provided! Live performance by CHamoru queer art collective Guma’ Gela’ 4-5pm.

About the work

Monyee Chau’s site-specific installation in the Walk Up Gallery windows, “Monyee Chau and Tu’er Shen” celebrates the lunar new year of 2023 by shining a light on the story of the Rabbit Deity Tu’er Shen, patron and protector of same sex affairs. The artwork originates in Chau’s research for their upcoming zine.

Tu'er Shen depicted as a trans man holding white lilies, sitting on a peach surrounded by two floating jade rings & intertwining smoke that surrounds him. He sits in front of the sign 囍 for double happiness written in red.
Tu’er Shen is depicted as a trans man holding a bundle of white lilies, sitting on a peach surrounded by two floating jade rings that have intertwining smoke that surrounds him. He sits in front of the sign 囍 for double happiness written in red, against a pink background with a red border.
Monyee, a nonbinary person, standing in front of a gray wall with outdoor plants. They are wearing a beige outfit with lime green shoes and a forest green scarf around their neck. They are holding a bucket full of magenta daisies.

About the artist

Monyee Chau (they/them) is an artist with a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts, based in Seattle, WA. Monyee explores a journey of personal and collective healing through means of labor, through intersectional lenses of being queer and Taiwanese/Chinese. They believe in the power of storytelling and breaking bread as a means of community building for the path to justice and liberation. They have exhibited and curated in spaces both locally in Seattle and internationally, including the Wing Luke Museum, Bellevue Arts Museum, SOIL gallery, Museum of Northwest Art, California College of Arts and Crafts. They have been a speaker for Harvard Graduate School of Design, the University of Washington, New York University, Highline College, and Bellevue School District. They have been a recipient of the 100 Changemakers award from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Arc Artist Fellowship from 4Culture.

Learn more about Monyee and their projects at https://linktr.ee/monyeechau.

About Guma’ Gela’
Part Land, Part Sea, All Ancestry

Guma’ Gela’ is a queer and trans art collective representing Laguas & Gani (the Mariana Islands). Guma’ Gela’ is an inclusive collective with a mission to cultivate and innovate the CHamoru culture through interdisciplinary artistic expression. They are storytellers made up of illustrators, make-up artists, poets, performers, photographers, singers, weavers and designers! Through their collaborative work, they amplify each others’ voice and bring fantasy into reality. Effectively granting people permission to exist in their entirety while building community.

A note from the collective: “The word gela’ roughly translates to different, and is a pejorative used to describe queer and trans CHamoru people. Here, as a collective made up of gela’ people, we are using the word to also mean existence as well. In a way, we exist because of our difference and wanted to create a guma’ (house) where we are able to do that.”