Sunflower on Fire, Ukraine

Sunflower on Fire, Ukraine: Russia’s War on Liberty, Sovereignty and Democracy

Please join us for Sunflower on Fire – a guided exhibit tour, lecture, and hands-on workshops exploring the art, photography, music, literature, crafts, and culture of Ukraine. This immersive experience is available for two days only: June 25 and 26. Presented by TYPONEXUS, the afternoon starts at The Grocery Studios, continues at Fresh Mochi gallery across the street, closing in mingling and discussion with artists from the Ukrainian diaspora.

Tickets are limited and required for entry – get yours here:

Saturday tix:
Sunday tix:

On the heels of renowned photojournalists risking their lives on the frontlines to document current events, we venture into the epicenter of what is now the largest war in Europe since WWII. Interspersed in juxtaposition are enchanting depictions of the prewar country. As the “Nuclear Recitals” soundscape reverberates in the background, visceral personal stories of immigrants and diaspora intersect with inspiring visual and literary works of displaced artists and intelligentsia. The “rEvolution, Ukraine” exhibit photos foreshadow the 2014 inception of Russia’s most recent invasion. We then traverse across centuries and millennia, immersing into vibrant ethnic traditions via educational, hands-on music and crafts master classes of bandura (68-string chordophone) and pysanky (Easter egg decoration). Public discussion concludes the excursion.

Note: the exhibition includes images and discussion of war and painful circumstances.

Ticket prices are tiered based on activities. Selected photographs and artwork will be available for purchase. All art proceeds will be donated to The Sunflower Project, a nonprofit providing humanitarian aid for Ukraine (gofundme). Admission and concession proceeds will help offset costs of the “Sunflower on Fire” project and support subsequent presentations.

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