in the home stretch

It’s been a long while since our last update, and we wanted to let you know that we’re still working on the renovation, and we are in the home stretch! We anticipate being able to host occasional events again before the end of the year, once we are able to gather again.

Like everyone in Seattle in early February, we had a lovely snowstorm for a few days. You can see the updated building exterior.

Street view of The Grocery exterior, in the snow.
The Grocery in the snow.
The south side of the building at at night, with glowing light and icicles hanging down.
The South Stevens side at night, with icicles.
Snowy scene of the east side of the building.
East side in the snow.

While we are waiting to have pandemic restrictions lifted, we are working on finishing up our gallery windows, so we can show art to passers-by. For now, neighborhood kids seem to enjoy the collection of maneki neko. When it’s done, there will be lighting and space to display 2D art, 3D art and small sculpture, or video.

Front door of The Grocery, showing gallery windows with maneki neko.
Gallery windows in progress.

Thanks for your continued support and patience. We look forward to gathering again later this year.

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