Renovation update and new designs in the online shop

Since our last update in August, Robb and Leo (A.R. Joyce Remodel), Vero and crew (Sound Concrete), Tyler and crew (O’Neill Plumbing), Jim (Mutuus Studio), Demi, and others have been hard at work on the lower level interior. The concrete floor is in, the framing is done, earthquake retrofit is done, the main plumbing is in, stairs are roughed in, and electrical is in the works. Windows have been ordered and are being manufactured. Meanwhile, Demi and Veretta have been landscaping and building like crazy outside, shaping the back yard.

It’s looking like we will be able to start using the space a little again in the spring, but we’re not setting any dates just yet.

In the meantime, we’ve added a few new designs and colors to the online store — check it out!

"Make some art" T-rex t-shirt
Shop for t-shirts and hoodies at The Grocery Studios online store.

Photos by Robb Joyce and Janet Galore.

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