Renovation update

We’ve been closed for renovation since August, and we hope to be open again for more art and events sometime in 2019.

The details: well, we have good news and not so good news. The good news is that after much effort in partnership with our architects Mutuus Studio, we received the building permit from the City of Seattle, and we started work in mid September. The exterior brickwork was re-pointed and cleaned (all new mortar between the bricks), a job that was about 50 years overdue. She’s looking really beautiful on the exterior. Inside, the demolition has been completed, and it’s all ready for new floors, walls, kitchen, studio bathroom, stairs, and an apartment for visiting artists.

The not so good news is that all the interior work is ON HOLD. The reason is because we are depending on the sale of another property (a flat that Janet has owned for 20 years) to fund the renovation work, and we thought it would get snatched up right away. We put the flat up for sale in early September, just as the housing market made a big shift and sales slowed tremendously. Though the property is lovely and in great shape, there’s a lot of competition and it is still available, waiting for a buyer in this buyer’s market.

As soon as the flat sells, we will be back in business and can get going on the renovation again! So if you know of anyone looking for a wonderful place to live, please pass along the info:

Thank you for continuing to be an incredible community.

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