Back in renovation mode!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce that we are back in renovation mode again, after a long pause since mid-September 2018. We finally sold our other property at the end of February, and now have the funds to dive into re-making the studio space. This is a big project–much of the work (and money) is simply bringing the space up to current building and energy codes. That means demolishing the existing concrete floor and putting in a new one with insulation, rebuilding and insulating exterior walls, putting in new electrical and plumbing, and doing an earthquake retrofit. All that needs to happen before we get to the good stuff!

Demi preps the concrete wall.

Our plan this year is to get the lower studio space finished enough before we run out of money so that we can re-open the studio for our own work, and to share with community, by the end of 2019. We’re still figuring out what that means exactly, and will share details as they evolve.

What do we hope to complete this year?

Keep the main studio space about the same, but make it better:

  • power outlets in the floor, jacks for power, audio, and video in the walls and ceiling
  • sound treatment so it sounds really good in the space for live music and performance
  • real glass windows, with some that open
  • a new entrance with double doors to bring in big stuff
  • air conditioning/heating to keep the temperature hospitable in any season
  • better bathroom, ADA standards
  • real black-out shades for video installations and daytime movies
  • a kitchen for food prep and artist sustenance

That should get us up and running again as an art studio where we can host creative activities. Later, we plan to make a small artist residency apartment, so short-term guests and visiting artists have a place to sleep and do their own work.

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Two people shoveling lots of dirt in the front of The Grocery.
Reshaping the landscape.