Celebrating Art, Life and Culture: an evening with Jaiden Grayson

Please join us at The Grocery Studios for an evening dedicated to the celebration of art, life and culture, hosted by visual and performing artist Jaiden Grayson.

Saturday, January 28, 6:00-9:00pm
3001 21st Ave S, Seattle 98144, on Beacon Hill in Seattle

Tickets required for entry – sliding scale $5-$25 at Eventbrite.

The evening will feature visual art, words, and music by Jaiden. Original paintings will be available for purchase; hors d’oeuvres and beverages provided. See and hear Jaiden’s art on instagram.

COVID protocols:

  • Masks & sanitizer will be provided & are strongly encouraged.
  • Please take a COVID test within 24 hours of attendance

About the artist’s work

Large, bold, distorted faces look back at the viewer. This may create some sense of discomfort after a while, which is the purpose of Jaiden’s work. The sensation of being watched—intentional, art-integrated commentary on everyday societal pressure. The themes presented in Jaiden’s art are executed through repetition, abstraction, and bold colorways. Influenced by their experience as a Black person growing up in a complex political climate, always feeling as though they are on the fringes of society looking in, but never fully included. Some of Jaiden’s work speaks to how it feels to be watched, others on how it feels to watch the world. The collections are celebratory, existing whether they are appreciated by society or not, referencing Jaiden’s own lived experience.

About the artist

Jaiden Grayson is an old soul with young faith in humanity. Through their art, Jaiden reaches into core memories of generational truths to unpack and redefine perceptions around Black culture. Jaiden’s art is a statement to their multifaceted truth as a queer, non binary Black person and mother. In addition to their painting, Jaiden’s debut EP releases spring of 2023, following their 2022 single ‘MaMa’ which created controversy for its strong lyricism and unapologetic tone. In Jaiden Grayson’s art, you get a timeless experience and are initiated into their world of constant development. Safe to say, this artist is on the rise and we have yet to experience all the layers, talent, and vision of Jaiden Grayson.

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